What We Do


Site-Specific Theatre

“Walking Theatre” is a form of performance that explores the issues of a community through interaction with the landscape, history and stories of the local area. Interactive by nature, theatre brings people together in an intentional shared experience. By combining the act of movement through the landscape with the stories of the landscape, the audience is more likely to make personal connections to the place, either from their own past memories or those shared memories created during the performance. Individuals will, in turn, care more about the outcome of the landscape because of their personal connection to the place.


Theatre provides a lens to examine and a common language to express the subjects presented. It allows us to transcend space and time, in order to emotionally connect to the stories. The shared experience is starting point for deeper discussion – creating the impetus for action based on this commonly understood language. These experiences place value on the location, reminding the community that this is their shared home, strengthening their communal ‘sense of place’ and the connecting trust in each other to make decisions based on the benefit of the community rather than the individual.




Follow these links for more information about our productions.

Granite Falls: A Meandering River Walk, October 5, 2012

Paddling Theatre: From Granite Falls to Yellow Medicine, May 18, 2013

Granite Falls: Saturday Nights!, October 4, 2013

Fergus Falls: The Kirkbride Cycle, September 2014 (In Process)

New Ulm Mainstreet, October 2014 (In Process)