Videos and Photos

Video Documentation of Projects by PlaceBase Productions

Paddle on the Pond: A Theatrical Journey through New London, MN, July 2015

After the Birds Taught Me to Fly: Birdwatching Theatre at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, June 2015

The Kirkbride Cycle, September 2014

The Big Lowdown: Lowertown Playground, August 2014

Granite Falls: Saturday Nights!, October 2013

PlaceBase Promotional Video Summer 2013

With the Future on the Line: Paddling Theatre from Granite Falls to the Yellow Medicine, May 2013

Granite Falls: A Meandering River Walk, September 2012

A video about the making of A Meandering River Walk by Mark Vavricka, Granite Falls resident

A short documentary of our work in Fergus Falls, MN

A Short Documentary of our working process in New Ulm, MN in 2014

An episode of Postcards on Pioneer Public Television about PlaceBase’s work in Fergus Falls

A Video about PlaceBase’s work  in 2013 from Pioneer Public Television

Photos from PlaceBase Productions

Photos from Paddle on the Pond

Photos from After the Birds Taught Me to Fly

Photos from The Kirkbride Cycle

A Photoblog of Paddling Theatre, by Rosa Rarup

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