The Spirit of Appleton-AUDITIONS

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Paddle on the Pond…DOCUMENTARY

The Paddle on the Pond!…Photos


Watch a new documentary about PlaceBase’s Birdwatching Theatre


Find a canoe and get on the water for the Paddle on the Pond, July 19, 2015!

Paddle on the Pond Poster

After the Birds Taught Me to Fly–Photos from the show

Waterbirds-Business Birds

Reserve your tickets for Birdwatching Theatre

After the Birds Taught Me to Fly

Watch an episode of Pioneer Public Television’s POSTCARDS about our work in Fergus Falls. They have got it. This is one of the best illustrations of the collaboration and impact of our work.

Creative Exchange features PlaceBase Productions


An article about PlaceBase in the April issue of Governing Magazine

Rod as James Fergus