The Arts and Community Development


There have been a host of studies in recent years regarding the powerful connection between the arts and community development. Placebase Productions creates site-specific theatre on the conviction that this connection is real. If you are eager to explore how the arts are energizing untapped potential in small communities here are a few recent studies.

From The University of Oregon about PlaceBase Productions and site-specific theatre

From about the impact of PlaceBase Productions on community development.

Artists Shaking Up and Strengthening Communities in Rural America

From about the impact of PlaceBase Productions on community development.

From The Guardian about the power of site-specific theatre.

From the Community Development Journal at Oxford University Press

Art and community development: the role the arts have in regenerating communities

From the Knight Foundation

Got Love For Your Community? It May Create Economic Growth, Gallup Study Says.

From Americans for the Arts’ Institute for Community Development and the Arts

Building Creative Economies: The Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development

Cultural Development in Creative Communities

Cultural Tourism: Bridging America Through Partnerships in Arts, Tourism and Economic Development

From Princeton University’s Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies

How the Arts Impact Communities: And introduction to the literature on arts impact studies

From Urban Institute

Magnetizing Neighborhoods through Amateur Arts Performance


A Working Guide to the Landscape of Arts for Change A collection of writings depicting the wide range of ways the arts make community, civic, and social change.


From the Huffington Post

The Importance of Telling Our Stories