Granite Falls: A Meandering River Walk, October 5, 2012

Check out this documentary by Anne Queenan about the production of Granite Falls: A MeanderingRiver Walk

“After being involved in this production, I do feel a connection to this town that I didn’t have before. I was also amazed to meet such an amazing group of like-minded people that I am connected to for life. This was such an amazing opportunity that I am blessed to have been a part of.” – MRW Cast Member








“I’m glad I came because this project will enhance the area and may spark other projects”- Story Swap Workshop Participant




“I come from a country far away. It is my first time here, and this performance was so moving and authentic that for a minute, it made me wish I lived here.” – MRW Audience Member


“This community is so beautiful and full of life as the river that runs across it. I hope you stay together for a long time!” – MRW Audience Member


_MG_0920“I was not involved in the production, but thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The involvement of all ages of people was inspiring. It may inspire me to become involved in the next performance, even though acting and singing is something I have never done.” MRW Audience Member


“I learned to trust more, to take risks more. I made new friends.” – MRW Cast Member






“I’ve had a very competitive mindset for years – “survival of the fittest” – where it was me vs. the world. This may have been from my time spent in large cities. The experience has taught me that I don’t just have to grow alone – I can grow together, with a community, where others aren’t my competitors, but my teachers and supporters. Granite Falls has taught me the joys of being vulnerable to others.” – MRW Cast Member



“Seeing a play like this gives you a new appreciation for your own history. You realize how colorful and interesting it was and how larger than life some of these characters were in your history and then suddenly you start looking at things differently, because suddenly its personal because in some way you have seen these historical figures in the flesh – so it becomes personal to you. So using theater, which includes bodies and music, is a way to make things really relevant and personal” – MRW Cast Member



_MG_1153 copyAll music in this performance was performed by members of the local community. Check out these recordings of music from the play:

Granite Falls

Hey Kathleen

Ashoken Farewell



Drs. Kathleen and Lewis Jordan sing about their legendary fight against Tuberculosis in the song “Hey Kathleen.”


Scholarship about A Meandering River Walk